Wanela - How it works? Process flow!

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Wanela - How it works? Process flow!

Postby admin » Mon Feb 03, 2014 7:17 am

User / Buyer –

User or Buyer is a one who registers / login to the website. He can manage his profile, add products from other sites, upload products, create wish list , see saved collection of items, He can find trending items, check list of top people, top stores etc. He can purchase any product or just use it as a tool to collect and save his favorite items. Under stories > he can create stories from his collection of saved items, tag his friends on the product, comment on products etc.

Merchant –

Merchant or Seller has both the option. Buy and Sell items. He creates a profile just like a user, manage his profile, add products from other sites or upload his own product. To become a seller (differentiate from user/buyer) – after uploading the product > when he clicks “I want to Sell it” – he will be redirected to seller – signup page where he signs up as a seller. With all the information entered > he sends his seller profile for approval. Admin will get notified on the pending seller requests. Admin will approve the seller after setting a % of commission on each product which is sold by him through the site. Now seller can upload all his products, enter product details such as name, title, image, quantity, price etc.

To differentiate from Wanelo.com – Our script doesn’t have a store page that needs to be claimed. Instead store pages are created when the seller profiles are created. Seller profiles are Store pages. For example: Zara brand registers and creates a seller profile. Name the seller profile as ZARA. Now the seller profile is a Store page - Zara page. Zara can now add products and sell them with a % of commission to the admin.

Admin –

Admin has access to complete settings of the site. He can configure and manage sub-admins, set permissions, access user list, edit/modify user details, access to sellers list, manage sellers commission %, setup categories and manage them, list of products added by sellers, access to payment gateway and related subscriptions, manage order history, check list of paid transactions, setup coupon codes. Also admin can edit newsletter templates, add location based shipping cost, zonal taxes, and manage static pages and language modules.
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