How to add new language?

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How to add new language?

Postby admin » Wed Oct 09, 2013 5:54 pm

Admin Panel : Multilanguage management.

Under admin panel, you can add new language settings, active/inactive language modules easily.

By default the language module is set to english. If you want to add Deutsch or Greek or any other language..

open admin panel > navigate to language management > select your language and activate.


How does this language module works?

We have developed this language module in a manner that you can create / edit them easily.

We've picked out all the static text fields in the script like "Welcome to Admire" "Sign up" "log in" "your email address" etc.

So all you've to do is, just use Google translate to change the static keywords to their corresponding language.

For example: If you want to use french language module, then you have to use Google translate "english to french"

Copy the text field "Email address" and convert them to french "adresse e-mail"


So similarly, you can easily fill out all the static keywords in the script to corresponding language module.

When you click the edit button beside each language module, you will be listed with number of fields. Use Google translate to fill out.

Once you're done with all the fields, your language module is ready.

Go to your account settings > preferences > localization and set your language.


Now your script is running in your preferred language.
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