Front end features explained

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Front end features explained

Postby admin » Wed Mar 19, 2014 7:57 am

Browser bookmarklets –

Browser bookmarklet is an addon that allows you to quickly add products from other websites. You can easily add any product into your marketplace from any other site instantly. The bookmarklet lets you save things and products from any site to your own Wanela catalog. Once you've logged in, under More > you can find the bookmarklet.

Just drag and drop it in your browser bookmark bar. Make sure your bookmarks are visible by clicking Settings > Tools > Always show Bookmarks Bar.

When you are browsing a webpage, click Wanela bookmarklet - to add things to your personal catalog.

iOS mobile app for sellers –

The idea of putting a white labelled mobile app in each and every sellers hands is really cool . This growth hack technique can really help the script buyers to spread the word about their marketplace via. the sellers inside their site . As each seller in your site gets a mobile app , he can white label it and host it in the app store ( both IOS & Android ) . All the products he has put for sale in your marketplace will show up in the app and when a visitor clicks on a particular product he is interested in - will take him to that product page in your site ( brilliant aint it ? ) . Moreover the owner of the marketplace can easily charge his sellers a minimal amount for giving him a white labelled mobile app ( if priced properly this inself can be a good revenue channel for the owner of the marketplace ) .

Eg: Jenny is selling her hand made toys in your site. She will get an IOS app which she can brand as "Jenny's TOYS" and have it for download in the APP STORE. She will market it to all her friends and people will download the app and browse through the TOYS in her store. Once they click on the TOY they like - it will open up the page in your SITE and they will purchase it there! Can you visualize the virality your site will be getting?

It comes for both iOS and Android system. You get with the download package.

Dispute management system –

The script has an in-built sale closing process and a dispute management system. Let me explain the sale closing process first.

The buyer makes a purchase and receives confirmation of his purchase order. Under his profile settings > purchases > he can view the order along with the notification of whether the product has been processed for shipping, shipped, delivered, returned, re-shipped or cancelled etc. Buyer can view his shipping status under his purchases column.

Seller under his profile > settings > orders > can view all the orders and update the status of the order. If the product is delivered, the buyer can update the status of the product as Delivered / not received yet. These are the options for the buyer to update the package. Once the product is delivered, the buyer can select delivered and close the sale.

Now the dispute management – the buyer, seller and admin conversations are recorded. Just similar to PayPal dispute process, the buyer can enter into seller discussion board and update his comments on the product. Similarly, the seller can open buyer discussion board and read the buyer comments and also enter his comment for the specific product. Admin can view all the conversation from the admin dashboard and admin can enter his comments.

All the options are under profile > settings > purchase / orders column > where buyer / seller needs to open buyer / seller discussion board to enter / view the comments.

Tag & Save feature –

Tag feature allows you to tag a friend on the wanela script. The one whom you follow, can be tagged or any user profile on the wanela script can be tagged with their username prefixed by @ (at). So they will be notified with the comment on the product detail page. Save feature allows you to save a product to your collections list.

My feed / Trending –

My feed will display all your saved collections.

Trending will display all the products which are added from sellers and user profiles. The most saved items will be on top.

Multi-upload channels –

You can upload a product through web URL – just by entering the product page URL of amazon, ebay etc. This will automatically fetch all the product images, details, price etc. You can upload a product from your PC, you can upload a product through email. Just email the product image and details. Under admin > upload request > all the upload request will be pending for approval from admin. You can also fetch a product instantly using the bookmarklet.

Profile settings –

Purchases – will display all the purchases made.
Orders – will display all the orders from buyers.
Earnings – quick overview of total amount collected, commissions, payment history etc.
Shipping – you can enter shipping address here.
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