Yard Sale Installation Guide

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Yard Sale Installation Guide

Postby admin » Mon Jun 09, 2014 1:50 am

Installation Guide :
1. Unzip the yardsale-ins package.
2. Enter into your hosting and configure the database settings and passwords. create new db, new db user , password etc.
3. Upload the database into your server. Database file is present inside the _db folder
4. Open the databaseValues.php file from the main folder after you extract the zip file.
5. Give the host name, database user name, database password, database name respectively. please configure the settings in your server and check.
6. Open the link in the browser. For example http://domainname/newfile.php.
7. Open the link in the browser. For example http://domainname/admin.
8. Login into the admin panel. Default user name admin and password is admin.
9. Click the Admin -> Settings. Or else paste the text next to your domain url. admin/adminlogin/admin_global_settings_form
a. Eg: http://domainname.com/admin/adminlogin/ ... tings_form
10. Also update all settings like SMTP , SEO , Social Media links like facebook, twitter, google plus, Payment Gateway , Location & Tax etc.
11. Next add some categories.
12. Now add some products.
13. Now logout from the admin panel and open the main site. For example: domainname.com
14. Make images,newsletter,uploaded,commonsettings,fc_smtp_settings, fc_admin_action_settings to 777 permissions for all files and folders.
15. Make application folder alone 777 and then language folders and files to 777.
16. That’s all. You're done.
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