How it works? Process flow!

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How it works? Process flow!

Postby admin » Mon Feb 03, 2014 8:23 am

Admin -

Admin has access to complete settings of the site. He can configure and manage sub-admins, set permissions, access user list, edit/modify user details, access to sellers list, manage sellers commission %, setup categories and manage them, list of products added by sellers, users, access to fancy box - can create, manage fancy box and related subscriptions, manage order history , check list of paid transactions, access to sub-product attributes like size, weight, height etc. He can setup coupon codes, assign gift card values, check gift guide recommendations. Also admin can edit newsletter templates, add location based shipping cost, zonal taxes, manage static pages, payment gateway settings and language module.

Buyer / User -

From the user point of view, User can register, signup via social profiles, browse through the products & categories, add a product to his wish list, feature it on his profile, enter his profile description, add profile photo, link to his social profiles. The user profile will be displayed with his recent activity, the products which he has recently admired, featured, etc.

Merchant / Seller -

Merchant or seller has both buy/sell option. He can perform both Buy and sell the products using single login. Apart from regular buying, user can sell products with admin approval. Admin gets a fixed commission upon sale of product. Payment is done via split payment where admin gets his commission directly & the user gets his sale amount credited to his account.

Process flow -

For buyer - login to the site , browse through products , add products to wish list, use sharing options to add products to featured list, want/owns list. Add product to checkout > use coupon code or gift option > make payment and the product is purchased. Under your purchase history > you can see invoice and start a discussion with the seller. Also you can track your order whether seller has processed for shipping, whether the product is shipped, etc. You can also change the status of the product to delivered or not received yet from the purchase history.

For Seller - He has both buy/sell option. The seller part - he can add products > enter product details > upload the product. Once the product is purchased, he will be notified with the email message. He needs to process it for shipping. Under his order history > he can start a conversation with buyer using discussion dashboard. Under profile settings > earnings column > he can view all his earnings - total number of products sold, total commission amount to website owner, amount payable to seller etc.
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