Native Mobile apps

It comes with White labelled native mobile apps for Android and iOS. It has Customer app and Service provider app customized to suit your business model.

Scalable Architecture

The tech stack that powers JobRabbit is scalable and robust to handle large volume of transactions every day. We’ve used native android and Objective-C to build our mobile apps.

Track in Real-time

Your customer can track the service provider in real-time and as a business owner you know where your providers are and optimize logistics for maximizing profit.

Recommendation Algorithm

This powerful script has intelligent algorithms that can recommend service providers taking in a variety of factors like rating, satisfaction quotient etc.

Request Now / Request Later

Get on-demand service providers right away using request now option also post job for the service provider to bid on using request later option.

Braintree payment gateway

Mobile apps and web platform has PayPal payment gateway integrated to collect payments from customers. With a tap of button, your customers can make payment for the services via their credit card.
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Start an Uber for All Services Marketplace Business

Jobrabbit - with this powerful service marketplace script. Filled with tons of super rich features, you can start an Uber for X service. Be it Uber for cleaning, plumbing, dry cleaning, maids, delivery. All in 1 business. Done by experts, this service marketplace apps has everything you need to run a successful & profitable On-Demand business.

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Robust Admin dashboard with Analytics

It is loaded with TONs of features, detailed Charts, User management, Provider management, Email management, Elegant analytics etc. to control the entire site end-to-end. With this elegant responsive admin panel now you can control your Service Marketplace right from your mobile. With this in hand THE POWER IS YOURS!

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Fully Automated Smart Features & Revenue Models

This incredible system has both biding and on-demand Uber like business model for users to get service providers based on the job needs and urgency.

Request Now & Later - For Users
Messaging system - For users and providers
Bidding system - For providers
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How it works? User Provider Admin Revenue Model Server

Users - A person who is looking for a service - Example - User XYZ wants to get a cleaning service, maid service - he can post a job, the service providers can bid on this job and he can pick any, job assigned and once the work is completed - the payment is done.

Service Provider - Skilled labor who signs up with the skill set he is specialized in ( example - House cleaning, Painting, Plumbing and Electrician etc. ) - After he signs up , he will input his skill set. Based on this - he will get notification of new job posted in such categories. He can bid on the task, if the user picks him - he shows up at the time and date mentioned on the task - completes the task and gets paid.

Business owner ( who runs the business ) - He can manage his business from the admin panel - check the admin panel features below. He can manage all the reports, see the list of providers, list of users, transactions details, orders, etc. He can setup his payment gateway details, manage the reviews and ratings of all the orders, add static pages like terms and conditions, privacy policy, Manage categories and sub-categories of his niche service marketplace business. etc.

All these features are in both Web platform and Mobile apps.

  • Facebook sign in
  • Email sign in
  • Profile settings
  • Post jobs under any category
  • Accept Biddings from providers
  • Select any bid/provider
  • Request Now / Later
  • Rate a provider
  • Job history and management
  • Google Map integration for posting job location
  • Calendar integration for posting a job
  • Inline comment module to talk to service provider

All these features are in both Web platform and Mobile apps.

  • Facebook sign in
  • Email sign in
  • Profile settings
  • View job postings
  • Lattitude/Longitude based Job listings
  • Category based Job listings
  • Bid on a job
  • Inline comment module to talk to user
  • Job Management and Job history
  • Dashboard with reports - admin can see all the reports
  • Filter reports - filter reports based on date, sales, etc.
  • Provider Management - List of providers, their details, add / edit / delete a provider.
  • User Management - same as above for users list.
  • Reviews and ratings management - After a job is completed - the user can rate and review a service provider - the list of reviews can be seen here and managed by the admin.
  • Site settings - general settings like site name, site logo, analytics, SEO settings etc.
  • Email Management - this is where admin manages all outgoing emails from the site like registration, forgot password, notification to service provider, user, payment orders etc.
  • SMS API - This is SMS settings where service provider and user gets SMS notification.
  • Add static pages - Can add static pages like Privacy policy, terms and conditions etc.
  • Manage categories and sub-categories - Can manage categories and sub-categories of the business.
  • Braintree payement gateway - Where users make a payment for the job via Braintree gateway.
  • Jobs Management - Admin can manage the list of tasks posted by the users
  • Provider payouts - At the end of every month - admin can pay out the provider after taking his commission cut.
  • The business owner takes a % of commission from Service provider.
  • Banner ads - admin can post banners to advertise any service or service providers' ad requests.
  • Linux Operating System with SSH Access
  • PHP >= 5.5.9
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Mysql > = 5.5
  • NODEJS : v6.4 and above


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100% source code
Free Installation
Unlimited domain license
Unlimited users
Multiple domain
API ready for mobile apps
Android app for User/Provider
Life time support
Free future upgrades
$1499  $999
100% source code
Free Installation
Unlimited domain
Unlimited users
Multiple domain license
API ready for mobile apps
Android app for User/Provider
iOS app for User/Provider
Free app installation
Life time support
Free future upgrades
I"What on earth! Such a huge script for so less? - that was my initial thought. After the the script was installed in my server & testing out all the features.... only could I believe that this offer was real! ... Thank you so much folks for helping me save a fortune & Time :) God bless!"
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"Well, all I can say is - You folks have a great attention to detail in your script. I loved the way every feature is connected to each other without any hiccups. The script & the features are clean, crisp & works perfectly. Cheers! I would strongly recommend your team. Hats off!"
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Frequenty Asked Questions

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Web Demo - Click Here

Admin Demo    - Click Here

Our hourly cost $24 - The cost for customization / modification - depends upon the requirement. Kindly contact us to get customized prices for your project.
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Server Requirements

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  • Linux Operating System with SSH Access
  • PHP >= 5.5.9
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Mysql > = 5.5
  • NODEJS : v6.4 and above
  • Built-In ID verification
  • Multi currency
  • Multi language
  • Paypal Adaptive gateway
  • Stripe payment gateway
  • Dispute Management system
  • Cash ON delivery
Why us?
one time payment, 100% source code, professional support, installation and setup is free.
Updates and Upgrades
Every 60 days we push a product update with some new features along with existing bugs and issues fixed. It will be upgraded to your server free of cost. If you don't require the new feature - you can simply patch the bugs by replacing the latest patch files.
Can I use the same software for another industry or niche?

Yes, you get 100% source code and you can install the same code on multi domains and use it for different niche. Some suggestions for different niche are

  • Uber for Couriers
  • Uber for Grocery Delivery
  • Uber for Cleaning
  • Uber for Mechanics
  • Uber for Laundry
  • Uber for Taxi
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